Andros Island is the most northerly island of the Cyclades  It is approximately 40 km (25 mi) long, and its greatest breadth is 16 km (10 mi). Its surface is for the most part full of mountains and contains many fruitful and well-watered valleys.

The crystal blue waters of Andros are filled with massive and intriguing aquatic life making it an ideal vacation spot for a SCUBA HOLIDAY. The Island has something for everyone, from ancient sites and historical monuments to lush nature paths and golden sandy beaches for unforgettable holidays in Andros.

Its excellent tourist infrastructure and its exquisite state-of-the-art museums make Andros Greece attractive to visitors from every corner of the world. The close proximity of Andros to Athens, has established it as one of the best holiday spots for short and long vacations.

The island’s connection with other islands in the Cyclades, also make it the perfect stop on an island-hopping adventure.

Andros has mild weather throughout the year, with a bit more rainfall than other Cyclades Islands, which is the reason for the island’s beautiful vegetation.

In general, the weather in Andros is sunny and bright, apart from some showers in the winter months.