Diving Site Description Visitor special trainning Extra Cost
Vouvi Reef 5m – 18m Ideal for everyone with a lot of fish, Seals and beautiful reef
Vouvi Wreck 15m - 30m At the edge of the reef a wreck of a small cargo ship from 1997 DRIFT DIVE
Tourlitis Island 15m – 40m A rock coming up from the bottom. Attracts large fish, Grouper, Tuna, Barracuda, Amberjacks, etc. ADVANCED+ , DRIFT DIVE
Pounda 15m - 30m Nice cliff with many fish including, different types of Sea Bream, and Groupers
Felos 10m - 15m Nice dive for beginners
Happy Turtle 10m – 20m A beautiful dive for all, with nice rock formations and many fish
Kypri Agios kyprianos 5m - 25m A nearby dive site for beginners (DSD) and any level, protected from the wind, Attracts a lot of fish,Turtles, etc.
Kolona 15m - 25m Reef dive for intermediate
Fofi’s 15m - 22m Amazing rock formations, the beginning of a large shelf
Kourtalis 30m - 40m Beautiful reef with lots of fish passing over. Only for Advanced ADVANCED
Agios Sostis 30m - 40m Cliff that has a large drop, for the advanced diver. ADVANCED
Korthi Wreck 18m - 30m a 1957 carrier +50€
Srofilas 20m - 35m A reef that comes up to this depth with a drop off all around ADVANCED +20€
Tripiti 15m - 30m A small shallow cave with amazing rock formations making it a very nice dive site +30€
Kostas bay Kypri 5m – 30m A nearby dive site for all levels, discover scuba diving, snorkeling, protected from the wind, with a nice small beach, Attracts a lot of fish, Barracuda, Turtles, Seals etc.